Graduation Photos
The skies were threatening rain and it was overcast but this gave us some great muted light for a photo shoot.  We headed downtown Lawrence and got some shots in the alleyways.  Eddy works with his dad and brothers on all types of cars but especially likes this Jaguar.  He plays the trumpet in the marching band so we got some shots with his insturment.  We went out in the country and got some great shots in the woods where his family likes to spend time together.  What a neat guy!

(Eddy's, head isn't really cropped off in the photos below just click the photo to see the whole image.)

6137 Steps6137 Steps Rotated6121 Metal Gate6121 Metal Gate Rotated6129 Steps Railing6157 Trumpet Chair6167 Trumpet Chair Rotated6164 Trumpet Clear6164 Trumpet Clear Rotated6170 Trumpet Fuzzy6177 Trumpet Tree6176 Trumpet Tree Close6144 Stone Wall26120 Stone Wall16184 Field Standing Cropped6185 Field Standing Horizontal6189 Ravine Standing6192 Rivine Log Vertical6193 Ravine Log Horizontal6098 Jaguar sitting on side Rotated6098 Jaguar Sitting on side6101 Jaguar standing 6108 Jaguar standing6114 Jaguar from back
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