I believe in working with my clients to capture the unique images they seek. I offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients’ needs. 

What are your specialties?
  • Family portraits
  • Children and Toddlers
  • Mothers & Babies
  • Engagements
  • High School Senior Photos
  • Individual Portraits
  • Baptisms, Dedications
  • Special events
  • Corporate events

What does a sitting cost and how much do prints cost?
  • Mounted Board Pricing Page

When will I get to see my photos?
Normally photos will be posted on the web site in 7-10 days.
Let me know if you want your photos to be confidential otherwise you can share them with friends and family.

What should I wear?    Session Tips (from a Woman' photographer's perspective)

  • Keep clothing patterns to a minimum.  Bright patterns take attention away from you, and you are what we are making a portfolio of.!  If you do have a pattern you really want to wear, than please have a personal clothing consultation with me so that I can tell you if it will work alright or not.

  • Avoid sleveless shirts or very short sleeves.  Unless you have very nice arms and skin that is not pale, longer sleeves are usually better.  Consider three-quarter length or rolled sleeves, if you don't like long sleeves, Also, elbows can be very distracting in a portrait, esp. if there is more than one person in the image.

  • Worried about looking heavy?
Light colors add (at least ten pounds, while dark colors make you appear thinner.
The more flesh that's showing, the heavier most people will look, esp. chest and upper arm areas.
Never wear light colors on the heavy parts of your body (big hips and bottom--wear darker pants, etc.)

  • Try not to come with a new haircut.  Give yourself a week to let a new cut grow out.

  • For an outdoor session on a warm day bring facial powder, this will tone down facial shine.

  • Eyeglass glare - Eyes are the best part of the photo.  Get your optician to remove your lenses for the day, or loan you a pair of frames like the ones you own.  There may be an additional charge for retouch if you don't do this!

  • Come rested and well-fed!  You need to be comfortable and look your best for your session!

  • Bothersome blemishes the morning of your session?  No sweat!  Basic retouch is included in all sessions, and can almost always be completely eliminated!

  • Flyaway hairs are a much greater concern than acne!  They are much harder to retouch.  If you have a hair product that will tame your frizzies, please use it!  Major flyaways can ruin an absolutely beautiful image!

Tips for Groups/Families
  • First tip: Read all tips above!  All of the above tips for individuals apply to groups also!

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